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Our company, Tezcan Dogal Tas, was established in 1997 as one of the first professional stone processing facilities in the Central Anatolia Region, in Urgup District of Nevsehir Province, Inspired by the Stone Architecture of Cappadocia. The fundamental of our company is to carry the masterpieces which dwelled since the Antiquity to the future. Our company; besides standard production of processed stone; can create custom designs and gives life to the stone with your projects and delicate workmanship. We process the stones extracted from our 16 licensed quarries in our factory, bring them together with historical and modern lines and turn them into special products for you. We opened new horizons to the building and construction sector with a wide range of products from exterior to interior, from fireplace to fountain with 7 color options. By coloring the natural and private spaces of your life, We combined the naturalness of stone with aesthetics with new forms. Our stones; Esbelli white, ash gray, sahara yellow, coffee foam, sahara yellow & white, wild rose, lava black and petroleum green, and the desired texture in decoration and restoration works such as wall cladding, border, fountain, barbecue, column, It is shaped in size and shape in line with your wishes with quality workmanship.
Gulmer Madencilik industry, one of the leading companies in the marble industry, is the purest gift of nature to carry marble to living areas and customer satisfaction is our main principle. Therefore, we work to integrate our systems in accordance with changes in customer demands and to best meet expectations Gulmer Madencilik Company, established in 2000, has been serving in the marble sector for many years in line with our mission focused on quality and customer satisfaction. We produce travertine by processing raw materials obtained from our quarries as blocks and in various sizes and sizes by adapting to the requirements of developing technology and era.
MERDO Minning Machine Petroleum Energy Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. Welcome to the colorful world of turkish marbles. Turkey is one of the oldest country that produces marble & natural stone in the world. Merdo Marble : Our commercial activities, our business began in 1980 with "Tevfik Export & Import". * Heavy hand carved with classical Furniture export and in Saudi Arabia whole sale marketing. * Arabic as a Mother Langucage is I've Substituted in Saudi Arabia for many Years. MERDO MARBLE : We started in 1990 to Manufacture and exporter special all Arabic Country; * Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Dammam, Riyadh ) * UAE : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umman, Qatar - Doha, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon - Beirut, Syria.
Natural stones «Lava MARBLE» is transformed into aesthetic by finding life. Our aim is to share with you in these beauties. Marble travertine and natural stones processed in modern machines and professional people have become the preference of our valued customers in all the countries of the world. Our company products are preferred by architects in many construction projects abroad. Our company, which has made quality and customer satisfaction a discipline, is proud to serve the country’s economy.
Inter Stone L.L.C. started its commercial life at Prishtina in 2012. Inter Stone L.L.C. is growing up rapidly with the new branch at Peja in 2014. We have constructed our new stockyard at Prishtina in 2016. Inter Stone L.L.C. is aiming to become the biggest natural stone supplier for all East Europe. Inter Stone L.L.C. which is a group company of “Emmioglu Mermer A.S.”has been built as a strategical distribution point in East Europe in order to sell to whole region marbles and travertines from its own quarry as well as granites and other natural Stones which are imported from China, India, Italy, Spain and South Africa. Inter Stone L.L.C. which has one of the biggest stockyards in Region created the biggest natural stone gallery with the materials imported from all over the World. Inter Stone L.L.C. which has created a high quality natural stone collection including more than 60 different colors of Granite, 20 different colors of Marble, 3 different colors of Travertine and additionally different colors of Quartz and Onyx. Inter Stone L.L.C. is aiming to be a reliable supplier by providing high quality service, all year fix price strategy and always trying to satisfy the requirements of its clients.
Aldur is a group of companies, established in 1993 for basalt cubes production. After 25 years , now Aldur has become the biggest Basalt producer in Turkey. Our basalt quarry is located near container terminals as well as bulk loading ports near Aliaga region. This gives us a big chance to support our clients with minimized logistic costs. Our annual turnover is over 10 million( 2016 figures) Euros with our teammates +100. We already produce and export the following items: Basalt aggregates for various purposes; namely railway ballast , road construction etc… Fine basalt powder for various industries Colored Basalt Granules for Shingle and Membrane production. Basalt and Granite Cubes from our own quarries. Fertilizers, totally biologic . Wall Panels, made of both basalt and/or calcite powder together with some resins, epoxy and glass fiber,started in 2017. Various types of Natural Rocks, Marble and similar items( exporter only ) Might you be interested in making business with us , we will be pleased to send you our prices and other conditions for establishing a cooperation. Whenever you need Basalt , please ask us. We will be here to find a better solution.
DORA Cement & Products Int Trade Company started its activities in 2012, as of today has reached to the position of carrying out export/import and international transit trade operations towards more than 50 countries stretching from Europe to Africa, from Balkans to Asia, from Middle East to America. DORA Cement & Product Int Trd Co being a company well known regionally in cement, clinker, cementitious materials, steel products, petrochemicals and other construction materials as well as food products business, develops her activities by establishing her sister companies in Panama and in Canada in order to be able to meet the demands of her clients on site. META and DORA have currently different products range including ; • Cement (All Grey and White Cement types, Oil Well Cement), • Clinker (Grey and White) and Cementitious Materials (Gypsum, Limestone, Slags, Fly Ash and others), • Rebar and Steel products (i.e. Wire rods, Profiles, Sheets), • Petrochemicals (Bitumen and others), • Other Construction Materials (i.e Tiles , Aluminum Products……) • Low voltage Cables, • Wood products, • Lubricant (Engine oils and Industrial oils) , • Agricultural products (i.e. Fertilizer); • Chemicals (All kinds) • Water Pipes, Fittings (DI, STEEL,GRP, PE) and Valves • As well as the Food products (Vegetable oils, Flour, Sugar, Table salt, Pasta and others), Frozen Food products (i.e Frozen Hens) and others..
We as Cem Marble are company of travertine, limestone and marble exporter who located Denizli city in Turkey. We produce, supply and export tiles, pattern sets, pavers, mosaics, slabs to warehouses contractors, builders, architects, designers, homeowners in domestic and abroad markets.Cem Marble is specialized company about natural stones with dynamic, young and customer focused structure. We know that natural stones have variations and according to this we select natural stones at the request of our customers. At the same time we know that package of natural stone is very important so we do best way packaging. Cem Marble offers direct shipping services to any location worldwide. We are assertive about packing, optimal quality, prices and service.Cem marble offers immediate replies to all enquiries, technical support, reliable inspection, quality control, coordinate production period, fast delivery process and logistic operations for customer. We are here to help you execute your vision and in selecting the right stone and tile materials for your design project, building or warehouse. Cem Marble has always strived to provide best quality products and customer service.
Being aware that, in the Planet, the natural stone demand is increasing and we want to be a benchmark in our sector with our products worldwide. In these times of increasing globalization in social and economic life we want to expand our market by developing the network of our clients and by strengthening business relationships with the existing customers. We are sure of the good quality/price ratio of our products, the possibility to fulfil the most different and particular needs from design to manifacturing of natural stone paying attention to environmental and safety issues. CETIN MARBLE mission here represented is the satisfaction of the employees, customers, products and the best quality/price ratio who interact in the development of business. The company added value is measured through feedback from clients, employees, external consultants and suppliers. Because only a synergy work leads to the satisfaction of everybody’s needs and a high-quality outcome. This results in updated, sturdy and user-friendly products requiring reasonable labor, subject to no defects and which are easily available in the future.
MARMOPORT is a marketing affiliate company of our Group. At MARMOPORT, we both present our own products that we produce in our own field and process in our factory, and we also meet various product demands coming from our customers. The producer firm of our Group, Ilktas Mining was established in Avanos/Nevsehir. Our quarry, producing 20.000 tons of block marble in a year, is also in the same region. With 150.000 meter square Antiko-Onix production per year in our factory, we serve our customers in Turkey and abroad. Our company is also a sales marketing firm for the products produced by our solution partners, which have various structures and characteristics, inside and outside the country. Basic principles for our structure include constant investment and keeping pace with technology, and sustainable relations, trust and quality are principal values that we adhere to while meeting product demands of our customers. Our professional staff provides all kind of quality control at production and sale stages of the products we produce and the orders coming from our customers, and then the products are presented to you.